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Eng 301 - Assignment's Solutions by VUsolutions

Monday, June 01, 2009 Posted In Edit This
Sunday, May 31, 2009


Dear ...........

To date, we have received no correspondence pertaining to your Rs, 500,000 debts to our company. This, following numerous attempts to collect will be your final notification prior to our referring your debt to an outside collection firm.

Your balance is currently five months past due. We intend to close this matter within no more than five business days of 01 June 2009. Your full payment by that date will stop this process.

If you fail to respond to this notice, you will be contacted by a collection firm and can no longer be assisted by our company in preventing this potential credit-affecting collection to take place.

Apple International


To: Employees, abc Co

CC: HR Manager

From: President, Smack Lash Co

Date: June 1, 2009

Subject: Merging With ABC Company

I being a president of Smack Lash Co, officially announce that Smack Lash Co has been merged with ABC Company. As we are the largest knit wear manufacturer here in Pakistan. ABC Company is the biggest supplier of cotton. Merging with ABC Company will increase our business and overall profit. ABC Company also exports cotton, as it will bring us opportunity to export our knit wear to all foreign countries.

While I know this seems like a quires situation, but I want to make you sure that all the employee of Smack Lash Co, will be part of new merged team. Every employee will be on same designation as previously he was on. We will not cut down our staff to save our identification and worthy manpower.

Moreover merging will also help the employee individually to increase his experience and get chance to show his/her best to make success. ABC Company is paying her employees with Medical and House Rent allowances, which now onward will also be paid to Smack Lash Co, employees.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this.

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