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Mth302 Final Term Current Paper (Feb 2011)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011 Posted In Edit This
Mth302 Final Term Current Paper (Feb 2011)

Total Questions were 52

40 mcq's

12 lengthy questions

Mcq's are from old paperz

5# 4 questions

1. what is the equation for the normal density function ( cumulative = false)?

Simplyfy this when its mean is 2 and variance is 25. Marks 5

2. if Y=5+bX, find the value of b. Marks 5

a) when Y = 3 and x = 1

b) when Y = -4 and x = 3

3) Calculate number of ways, a committee of 3 people comprising the president, Secretary and Treasurer to chosen from 8 possible candidates. Marks 5

4) A gold chain sold for RS. 6500 at a gain of 25%. Find out the profit. Marks 5

5) To find the net present value of an investment from the data, which one will be the right option to use ? Marks 3


6 20% Annual discount rate

7 -260,000 initial cost of investment one year from today

8 40,000 Return from first year

9 45,000 Return from second year

10 50,000 Return of third year

(i) NPV(D6,D7,D8,D9,D10)

(ii) PV(D6,D7,D8,D9,D10)

(iii) XNPV(D6,D7,D8,D9,D10)

(iv) NPV(D6,D7,D8,D9)

6) If a point (4, 5) lies on the regression line Y= -3 + bX, find the slop b of the line. Marks 3

7) Simlify... Marks 3

(n - 3)! / n!

8) What does this function do? Marks 2

= COMIPMY(0.09/12, 9*12,25000,1,9,0)

9) In which condition none of the hypothesis testing procedures can be safly used? Marks 2

What will be the Correlation Cofficiant r between veriable X and Y if var x=4, vary=9 and cov( x,y )=3? Marks 2

Another Paper:

Q.NO.1: The blood groups of 200 peoples is distributed as follows.50are A type blood Group, 65 are Btype, 20 are O type and 15 are AB type. If a person from this group is selected at random, what is the probability that this person has O blood type?

Q.NO.2: If the basic salary of an employee is 17,800Rs,allowances are6800Rs, what is %age Of basic salary are allowances?

Q.NO.3: A restaurant has a menu with 4 appetizers, 5 extress and 2-desserts.find number n of ways a customer can order an appetizer, extres and dessert?

Q.NO.4: A group of 30 workers from production department has a mean wages 120 per day with standard deviation 10.Another group of 50 workers from maintenance department had a mean wages of 130RS with standard deviation 12.Find difference of two sample mean?

Q.NO.5: Find the 90% confidence interval of mean of normal distribution with5=3,given sample as 2.3, -0.2, -0.4, -0.9

Q.NO.6: Basic salary 12000rs,allowances 8000rs.Find cost on account of casual leaves, earned& sick leaves per year. If the allowed casual leaves are 18 days per year. Earned leaves are 16 days per year sick leaves are 10 days per year. Where normal working days per month are 22.

Q.NO.7: Cost analysis provides.

Fixed price per year 20000Rs VC 30 per unit Production capacity per period 800units Selling price per unit 50Rs Contribution margin per unit Rs20 Calculate BEF in RS?

Another Paper:

Total marks = 80
Total questions = 52
Mcqs = 40
12 short questions
4 questions of 2 marks
4 questions of 3 marks
4 quetions of 5 marks
most of the mcqs were from past papers.
1: Define alternate hypothesis 2 marks
2: Find Covariance Cov(X,Y) if var(X)=7,var(Y)=6 and correlation coefficient r between X and Y is 0.3?
3: calculate contribution rate. fixed cost, sale price per unit and variable cost was given.
4: calculate discounted value
5: what will be y-intercept 'b' in the regression line Y=aX+b if Y = 9, X = 3 and a = 2?
6: Suppose a coin is flipped 3 times. What is the probability of getting two tails and one head?
7: What will be the correlation coefficient r between variables X and Y if varX=4,varY=9 and Cov(X,Y)=3 ?
Baki k questions mjy yaad nai hein

Another Paper:

1- Find the variance of 6,7,10,11,11,13,16,18,25
2- If two fair dice are thrown what is the probability of getting a double 4
3- Due to epidemic disease the weight of a patient changed from 150 pound to 135 pound. What was the percent age weight loss by the patient
4- Calculate the present value when the payment of Rs.2000 at beginning of the month for 4years at 5% compounded interest?
5- A firm sale new product at 65 per unit, if the variable cost is 40, find the contribution margin.
6- What is moving average?
7- Write down the formula of Poisson distribution?
8- Define linear programming
9- Find the number of ways that 9toys can be divided between 4 children, if the youngest is to receive 3toys & each of the others 2toys.
10- Find the 90% confidence interval for the mean of normal distribution with 3σ, given sample as 2.3, -0.2, -0.4, -0.9
11- A group of 30 workers from production department has a mean wage of Rs.120 per day with S.D= 10, Another group of 50 workers from maintenance had mean of Rs.130 per day with S.D = 12. find the difference of two sample mean.
12- From the data below:
Week no: Actual sale Forecast
2 4000 4500
Give that α= 0.4, find the forecast for the 3rd week

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