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Eng101 Assignment No. 1 fall 2011 solution

Friday, October 28, 2011 Posted In Edit This
Assignment No. 1(Fall 2011)
English Comprehension (ENG101) 
Total Marks: 15

To enhance and test students' knowledge of grammatical terms, and their usage.
Use of different methods to improve comprehension skills.

No assignment will be accepted via e-mail after the due date.
Plagiarism will not be tolerated. Plagiarism occurs when a student uses work done by someone else without acknowledging the actual author. It also means copying and pasting the material from handouts and internet source without rephrasing it in his/her own words.

Q1: Read the following passage and answer the given questions in your own words. (10)

1-World War II was coming to an end in the Philippines. One day in January 1945, 
2-Mother asked me to prepare our horse and caretela carriage so she could go see a 
3-doctor. While I was in the fields looking for the horse, I came upon several men
4- chasing a Japanese soldier. Forgetting my task, I immediately joined the chase. After
5- an hour, the hapless soldier was cornered by the river's edge. The mob showed no
6- mercy. They hit him with clubs and stabbed him with bolos. After he died, they kicked 7-his lifeless body, cursed him and spat on his face. The wounds of war – hatred,
8- revenge, prejudice, ruthlessness – were spread raw before me. 
9-I left my village in June 1945 to start a new life in Manila. In 1959, I attended a three-10-month UNESCO-sponsored community development course in Mysore City, India. 11-Participants came from Africa, Asia and Scandinavia. Entering the living quarters, I 12-was dismayed to discover that my roommate was a Japanese man. Even before we 13-were introduced to each other (his name was Kei Kiriake), I felt that a thick invisible 14-barrier had sprung up between us. Unbidden, memories of war stirred in my mind.

15-I recalled the Japanese soldier who had looted our house. Finding no money he had 16-killed my father. Now, more than 15 years later, I could barely tell the difference 

17-between the soldier who almost killed my father and Kei – they were both Japanese 18-and they both deserved my contempt. One evening, Kei was writing a letter while I 19-stayed on my bed reading. "Can we talk?" I said. He stopped writing and for the first 20-time we faced each other squarely. I bluntly told him about the atrocities committed 21-by his countrymen during their three-year occupation in the Philippines. Throughout 22-my whole tirade, Kei maintained a respectful silence. When I was through, he took a 23-bundle of pictures from his suitcase and laid them on the table. They were photos of 24-Japanese survivors of the atomic bomb – people who were reduced to masses of 25-peeling skin, protruding bones and horrible deformities of all types. (word count 354)

Why does the writer use the words "The wounds of war-------were spread raw before me" in line no 7 and 8. (3)
Why did the writer feel that there was a thick invisible barrier between the two? (line no.13-14) (3)
In the last lines (from line no 21----25) throughout writer's whole tirade, Kei maintained a respectful silence and did not answer him directly. What was the reason and what was his way of answering writer's questions? (4)

Q 2: Match numbers of list A with alphabets of list B in such a way that the correct alphabet of the word should be written in font of the correct diphthong. (5 Marks)

List A List B 
ɑɪ a. brown
ɔɪ b. bear
3. əʊ c. arrive
ɑʊ d. own
e ə e. enjoy


Q. 2: 

List B 

a. brown (3)
b. bear (1)
c. arrive (5)
d. own (4)
e. enjoy (2)

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